Why I like to play roulette

Why I like to play roulette

las-vegas-841376_640Many people have asked why I like to play the roulette. Well, unlike many other people, playing it calms me down. Before you quit in disbelief, listen to my story. I used to play in casinos after drinking a lot and hardly being aware of my actions. I lost a ton of money and a couple of friends. Then, one morning, I decided to play the roulette.

It seemed safe enough for the rest of the money I had in my pocket and the game flowed nicely. Almost hypnotized by the wheel I decided to enter with a pot of 20 bucks. Soon, I was making hundreds. In my experience, I wasn’t the luckiest player in the casino and the house rarely favoured me. However, with the roulette, I discovered that by being focused and having a bit of luck and putting in a bit of effort, I could easily win. Unlike the other games were hecklers were imminent, the roulette was patiently following its course without a hint of rush, until the wheel stopped on a number or the other.

I soon discovered that my friends enjoyed the game as well due to its peaceful manner and we all started playing it together. There is a reason casinos often offer small roulettes as souvenirs for their visitors. It is such a beautiful game, you won’t feel fascinated by its intricate mathematics mixed with luck until you play your first game.


Many experienced gamers prefer other games, due to their length and high difficulty level: they leave the roulette at the hands of tourists and beginners. However, it is quite the peculiar system as many players who’ve tried cracking its code have learned, after losing some serious sums.

If you’re new to the casino and never tried a game or if, like me, you prefer something that will not ruin you quite so openly and leaves you at least with the illusion of winning, you should definitely try the roulette. Of course, the fact that the rules are a piece of cake and you can easily learn them in a couple of minutes (after having played a game or two) doesn’t hurt either. Unlike card games or other gambling games, this one has “all its cards on the table” as you see with your own eyes how the game develops. It’s only up to you to discover its hidden rules and make it go your way.